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Member Registration

subject to approval by the board of trustees

* Required Information

New Members will be billed twelve (12) months in advance after formal approval of Membership.

Thereafter, Membership Dues are payable in two (2) lump-sum amounts: the First Semestral Dues for six (6) months should normally be paid before the Annual General Meeting. The Second Semestral Dues for six (6) months will be billed after the Annual General Meeting and should be paid within 30 days of receipt of formal PMEA invoice.

  • Regular Member :
    1000 monthly
  • Associate Member :
    500 monthly
  • Individual Member :
    250 monthly
  • Honorary Member :
  • Same as Main Address
  • Email is Available
    Email is Not Available

Nominated Voting Representative

  • Please note that voting rights are based upon membership dues being fully paid and current for the First Semester.

Non-Voting Representative

  • Entry to PMEA for Member's Voting and Other Representative(s) will be at a charge of Php 200.00 each. Invited Guests and Non-members will be charged at Php 500.00 each. Professionals producing their current PRC Registration Card will be admitted at the privilege rate of Php 250.00 each.

Please allow a few days for us to process your registration. You shall recieve an email from us with regards to the status of your application.